ControlledArch® Treatment System offers Orthodontic solutions for patients of all ages and all aspirations. From purely cosmetic outcomes to comprehensive Orthodontics, ControlledArch has it covered. ControlledArch Treatment options are designed to work with and not against nature, by simply assisting or reminding the body of the natural genetic intention of your facial development. This is approached through an understanding that as we go through childhood and become adults, we can often be confronted with environmental and behavioural circumstances that can conspire against the natural and intended growth and development of our face. Traditional Orthodontics can sometimes require unnecessarily invasive procedures for adolescents and young adults designed to simply deliver the patient straight teeth. This is often done with little or no regard for the impact this methodology can and does have on the overall appearance of the face. The underlying philosophy of all the ControlledArch techniques is to not just deliver straight teeth but also balanced faces and beautiful smiles. Full mouth braces are still regarded as the benchmark when it comes to achieveing straight teeth and the perfect bite. For most, the major downside of this therapy is and has always been the time it often takes to achieve the desired outcomes. The treatment time for this process can often tend to be a bit open ened given the unpredicable nature of tooth movement.

The ControlledArch® Treatment System is the most predictable and rapid form of Orthodontic treatment available.Dr. Steve A. Galella, Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

To all intents and purposes from the outside the ControlledArch system looks exactly like traditional braces However it is what you can’t see behind the teeth that makes all the difference and makes this system so effective and unique. The ContolledArch Treatment System not only offers faster treatment times the real difference is the absolute ultimate in predictability of tooth movement that stands it aside from all other techniques.

There are a number of specific factors that will ultimately determine both treatment times and methods and these will be determined by your Certified provider. However you can expect to be in braces for at least 30% less time with this technique than traditional methods.

Simply call 1 (800) 346-2692 or use the Find a Provider form on this site. The Facial Beauty Customer Service Team will make an appointment for you or put you in contact with your nearest and most appropriate provider.

Only if you choose to. Most Dental Providers offer you a range of bracket options that can provide the ultimate in discretion, if required.

There are a number of influencing factors with regard to charges related to this treatment and these will be determined in discussion between you and your provider.

Yes, your Certified provider will explain the retention process. All orthodontic treatments require some form of post treatment retention. You will find the retention methods used as part of all Rapid Smiles techniques both simple and effective.